TEvo Sports RTS2/ SIG ROMEO/ Delta Point Double Sided Mount

TEvo Sports RTS2/ SIG ROMEO/ Delta Point Double Sided Mount

  • This scope mount is specifically designed for mounting the RTS2, SIG ROMEO MAX, XL and Leopold Delta Point Pro scope to your pistol.
  • Made from billet aluminum and to reduce cracks and enhance strength and rigidity, all
    corners as well as the 90-degree junction between the top plate and the side plate is cut
    with heavy radiuses.
  • Mount is a Double Sided Design for maximum strength and rigidity
  • The mount position the scope is in a balanced location to have no ejection issues and
    minimum blast from compensators.
  • The mount is designed so that the scope is aligned with the center of your barrel as
    possible and low as possible*.
  • It is available in two widths: 0.830″ for mounting on a standard frame and 0.920″ for
    mounting to a wide frame without the need for spacers.
  • Both sizes are available with drilled side holes for standard mounting. The hole pattern
    is C-More plus 2 — five holes on 0.375″ centers.
  • A one-degree angle has been integrated into mount for ease of zeroing scope.
  • All manufacturing, design, and labor are done in the USA.

*Rounded, non flat top slides will have very tight tolerances and may not fit.


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